Month: March 2013

Twelve Months, Twelve Tombs! Books

So, every year has 12 months, right? Of course right. We all know that, but did you know that 12 is also the number of NEW Tombs! stories that are going to be released this year? Well, that is the personal challenge I have set myself! I plan on releasing one new Tombs! story every month for 2013. It started in Januarury with Tombs! The Cat That Could Talk Back and already February has been an gone. Was there a new Tombs! Story for february? Of course there was! Tombs! To Get Back To The Start, Start At Your...

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Welcome to The Boy From The Box

Welocme to The Boy From The Box. The new Tombs! website bringing you news about your favourite mummy boy. Over the coming months there will be lots of new Tombs news and releases and this is where you will find out all the latest Tombs! news first. Why not subscribe to The Boy From The Box, that way you won’t miss any of the exciting future news. The Sign up form is just over on the right and just just need to enter in your email address. The great thing is, you can set the subsciption to notify you...

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About Tombs!

The Egyptian Hall within the Museum is a night time world of wonder and is the setting for the all new adventures of TOMBS, the boy from the box. Ideal for young children ages 4 - 7 years, the TOMBS! Series of short stories follows the adventures of Tombs, the mummy boy, as he meets new friends and has learning experiences in the magical museum.

The Book Designer

Tombs! Reading Order

1. Tombs! The Boy From The Box

2. Tombs! The No-Naming Name Nonsense

3. Tombs! The Box-Bed Bafflement

4. Tombs! The Seemingly Silly Shadow Standoff

5. Tombs! The Cat That Could Talk Back

6. Tombs! To Get Back To The Start, Start At Your Back

7. Tombs! The Naughty Elephant Squirts Water