Month: June 2013

Tombs! The Boy From The Box Now Free on Kobo

It is great that on the Kobo Writing Life platform that you can set your own prices… whatever the price and in my opinion it is what makes it a much better platform than the KDP platform from Amazon. To celebrate this, and also as it is something that I have wanted to do from day one, Tombs! The Boy From The Box (the first book in the series of  my Tombs! bedtime adventure stories for 4-7 year olds) is now completely free, and will always be completely free to download from Kobo! If you want to download it,...

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Tombs! is now available on Kobo

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the first Three Tombs! adventures are now available on KOBO and are in the Kobo store. I had previously released my play The Man Who Saw The Sun on the Kobo store, but I did not like the way the book was formatted, so removed it shortly after publishing. However, after some of my friends ask if Tombs was available on Kobo I felt the need to get back on this great platform, so after a bit of playing, I believe the formatting issue is resolved, so The first 3 Tombs...

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About Tombs!

The Egyptian Hall within the Museum is a night time world of wonder and is the setting for the all new adventures of TOMBS, the boy from the box. Ideal for young children ages 4 - 7 years, the TOMBS! Series of short stories follows the adventures of Tombs, the mummy boy, as he meets new friends and has learning experiences in the magical museum.

The Book Designer

Tombs! Reading Order

1. Tombs! The Boy From The Box

2. Tombs! The No-Naming Name Nonsense

3. Tombs! The Box-Bed Bafflement

4. Tombs! The Seemingly Silly Shadow Standoff

5. Tombs! The Cat That Could Talk Back

6. Tombs! To Get Back To The Start, Start At Your Back

7. Tombs! The Naughty Elephant Squirts Water