Stories written to be read aloud!

“Beautifully scripted short stories long enough to fire the imagination and short enough to allow dreams to take precedence…”

For ages 4 – 7

The Museum. A place of history. A place of learning. A place of… magic. Once the hustle and bustle of the day is done, and the visitors have gone home for their tea, the magic begins.

So begins the adventures of Tombs.

The Egyptian Hall within the Museum is a night time world of wonder and is the setting for the all new adventures of TOMBS, the boy from the box.

Ideal for young children ages 4 – 7 years, the TOMBS! series of short stories follows the adventures of Tombs, the mummy boy, as he meets new friends and has learning experiences in the magical museum.

Each story can be read as a stand-alone adventure of a word length between 800 -1400 words, or for a longer bedtime read, all stories can be read together as a continual story.