And it is a Great Review!


A few weeks ago I ran a free promotion for Tombs! the book that is the compilation of the first 3 Tombs! stories and I always enjoy the feedback I get from people who download and read my books. Tombs is a crazy little chubby character, who just makes me smile. And today, on checking my author page on Amazon I noticed that Tombs! had received a review from Jacob and Jessica. Reviews for self publishers are tremendously important as without reviews we tend not to get noticed by a great many readers. It is also one of the reasons why we give away copies of our books, in the hope that someone, somewhere will say something nice.

I don’t know who Jacob and Jessica are, but I am glad they enjoyed Tombs! here is what they said:

“Really enjoyed this with my daughter she is 7 and enjoyed reading it but equally good to read to a younger child. The stories are funny and well written and just long enough.”

And one good turn deserves another, so, to say thank you to Jacob and Jessica for their lovely review I am going to make Tombs! The Seemingly Silly Shadow Standoff free to download from Amazon this weekend! Tombs! The Seemingly Silly Shadow Standoff is book 4 in the Tombs! adventures, so, if you have already downloaded and read Tombs! (the first three Tombs! stories) then this is the next one to read.

If you enjoy any of my books, then please help other people find and enjoy them too by leaving a review on Amazon.

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Tombs Book 4 Milo James